Exakis gets high availability in Azure with StarWind Virtual SAN

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: August 11th, 2016

StarWind VSAN covers the customers need in terms of storage based cluster high availability in Azure.

Jean-Baptiste Emeriau, Leader technique virtualization / cloud, P-Seller CoreIO


Exakis has been the first Microsoft Partner in France. The company develops solutions based on Microsoft technologies combining design and innovation and helps its customers to develop innovative projects and information system security.


Exakis required a system, which would be able to provide high availability. Being a Microsoft solution integrator, the company recently started offering Azure-based solutions to their customers more and more often. Shared storage volumes were used, thus, the demand for high availability arose.


The company chose to test StarWind Virtual SAN in Azure because the product has already proven itself for them “on-premise”. They decided to try the solution themselves in order to recommend it to their customers afterwards. StarWind perfectly managed to meet the need for storage-based cluster high availability in Azure.

About the Company

Exakis is a Microsoft solutions integrator. The company helps its customers to successfully deploy and manage Microsoft products on premise software, and Azure solutions as well.


Microsoft Gold partner, Microsoft solutions integrator

Contact Person

Jean-Baptiste Emeriau, Leader technique virtualization / cloud, P-Seller CoreIO.


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