INNET cuts IT operational expenses (OpEx) by 55% for 6 months by implementing a hyperconverged infrastructure built around StarWind HCI Appliance

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 16th, 2023

StarWind is a vendor that provides hardware HCI and software HCI solutions
with great support via a proactive support program.

Tong Ngoc Le Khoa


Before deploying StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA), INNET had used a traditional physical SAN with switches and Hyper-V on top. This entailed high costs and a more complex configuration. The system was managed by different teams, including the storage team, Windows team, and network team.
The infrastructure was complex, and the company was looking for a simpler solution that could be managed by a single team only.


To solve its problem, INNET turned to StarWind HCI Appliance, an all-in-one platform, combining compute, storage, and networking and making it easy to configure and manage for the IT team. StarWind HCI Appliance proved to be the ideal solution for INNET. The company saved rack space and power consumption, as well as reduced management complexity and streamlined its operations. StarWind also provided excellent ProActive Premium Support, ensuring that any issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. Overall, INNET’s transition to StarWind HCI Appliance has been a great success. The company has experienced significant benefits in terms of cost savings, simplified infrastructure, and easier management. INNET plans to expand its use of StarWind in the future, further leveraging the power and flexibility of the HCI Appliance solution.

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