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StarWind Announces the Release of Native SAN for Hyper-V

Cheapest Way to Run Microsoft Hyper-V, Designed for SMB Customers

Burlington, MA – October 18, 2011 - StarWind Software Inc., innovative provider of SAN software for iSCSI storage, today announced the release of a new product – StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V.

StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V revolutionizes the shared storage for Hyper-V. It runs on a primary Hyper-V partition and delivers highly available SAN at a minimum cost and complexity. It uses local disks (DAS) from Hyper-V hosts to create shared storage. The product is ideal for SMBs that cannot afford hardware SAN but want to enjoy benefits of Hyper-V cluster such as high availability, live VM migration, protection against hard drive failure and protection against host failure.

StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V enables to reduce capital and operational expenses while minimizing any potential lost revenue associated with downtime, outage and failures.

"Our new product StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V is a real breakthrough for Microsoft virtualization platform, it allows to improve application availability, double capacity utilization and reduce costs by more than 50%," said Artem Berman, Chief Executive Officer of StarWind Software. "If you are looking for a way to implement virtual server high availability that does not require the costs and complexity of separate external shared-storage devices, StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V is your best choice."

"After virtualizing more than 80% of our datacenter, we realized we need fast, reliable and above all else centralized storage. Having just virtualized so much, we had plenty of server hardware, but not enough NAS or SAN space. StarWind allowed us to transition these systems to centralized SAN storage for all of our hosts. StarWind is a must for any organization that wants to virtualize while reducing the costs of new hardware," said Nathan Lowe, IT Systems Analyst at Professional Contract Services, Inc.

StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V is very easy to deploy and maintain. It can be installed on any Windows Server 2008 family, including Server Core editions.

About StarWind Software Inc.
StarWind Software is a global leader in storage management and SAN software for small and midsize companies. StarWind's flagship product is SAN software that turns any industry-standard Windows Server into a fault-tolerant, fail-safe iSCSI SAN. StarWind iSCSI SAN is qualified for use with VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer and Linux and Unix environments. StarWind Software focuses on providing small and midsize companies with affordable, highly availability storage technology which previously was only available in high-end storage hardware. Advanced enterprise-class features in StarWind include Automated HA Storage Node Failover and Failback (High Availability), Replication across a WAN, CDP and Snapshots, Thin Provisioning and Virtual Tape management.

Since 2003, StarWind has pioneered the iSCSI SAN software industry and is the solution of choice for over 30,000 customers worldwide in more than 100 countries and from small and midsize companies to governments and Fortune 1000 companies.

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