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StarWind Software Inc. Starts Open Beta Testing Program

StarWind announces its move from closed beta testing to open beta testing. Now all users can participate in the creation of industry-leading software and win monthly prizes from StarWind: iPads and coupons for USD$100 from

Burlington, Mass. – May 31, 2010 - StarWind Software Inc., a global leader and pioneer in SAN software for building iSCSI storage servers, today announced the launch of a new open beta testing program. Starting now, beta versions of StarWind’s new releases will be available to the general public. Until this point, the new releases have been available to a selected group of individuals for user testing.

“Both the company and its users will benefit from the creation of a new open beta testing program.” - saidStarWind’s head of QA Bohdan Naumets – “StarWind Software Inc. will have more users to try its product on different platforms and in different environments, ensuring the highest level of stability in the final release,and users will have product carefully tested inside and outside the company”.

The names of the winners of iPad (for the month most active tester) and coupons for USD$100 from (two testers monthly)will be published on the respective corporate forum page, allowing the most active beta testers to receive remuneration for their work.

About StarWind Software Inc.
StarWind Software is a global leader in storage management and SAN software for small and midsize companies. StarWind's flagship product is SAN software that turns any industry-standard Windows Server into a fault-tolerant, fail-safe iSCSI SAN. It is designed for use as networked storage for VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and other server applications configured in server clusters. StarWind Software is focused on providing small and midsize companies with affordable high availability technology which was previously only available in high-end storage products. The advanced, enterprise-class features include Synchronous Mirroring with Automated Failover and Failback, Remote Replication across a WAN, CDP and Snapshots, Thin Provisioning and Virtual Tape management.

Since 2003, StarWind has pioneered the iSCSI and SAN software industry and has been the solution of choice for over 30,000 users worldwide in over 100 countries, from small and midsize companies to governments and Fortune 1000 companies.


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