Attention: The information presented on this page is out-of-date. In order to get the most actual info on StarWind products, please visit the following page.
Attention: The information presented on this page is out-of-date. In order to get the most actual info on StarWind products, please visit the following page.

StarWind Offers High Availability iSCSI SAN Software Free to Microsoft MVP, MCP and MCT Professionals

Microsoft MVP, MCP and MCT Professionals can build fault-tolerant, highly available shared storage for Hyper-V with a free NFR copy of StarWind’s $6,000 SAN software

Burlington, Mass. – March 5, 2010 - StarWind Software, a global technology leader in SAN software and a pioneer in iSCSI storage, offers a free NFR license of StarWind High Availability SAN software valued at $6,000 free for any Microsoft MVP, MCP and MCT for non-production use including course training, development and testing, and various demo purposes. StarWind is an advanced and powerful SAN software that turns any standard Intel-architecture x86 or x64 server into a fully-functional SAN or network storage.

With StarWind, Microsoft certified professionals will get a scalable storage platform for Microsoft Hyper-V environments with advanced features at absolutely no cost. By creating networked storage with StarWind SAN software, Hyper-V administrators get a scalable, highly cost-effective and easy-to-use iSCSI SAN that fully protects their Hyper-V virtual machines in the event of failure. StarWind's true active-active high availability storage architecture provides continuous and non-disruptive access to storage in the event of failure by synchronously mirroring data between two active storage appliances, or nodes, in real time with automatic failover and failback. If a disk, power or even an entire storage node fails, the redundant storage node will take over and will continue actively operating without any disruption, ensuring that storage is available and accessible on the network.

“We are excited to offer the top edition of our SAN software to VMware vExpert, VCP and VCI professionals at no cost,” said Zorian Rotenberg, President and CEO of StarWind Software. “With this offer, we are hoping that Microsoft MVP, MCP and MCT communities will benefit from using our software to build shared storage for Microsoft Hyper-V. With a free NFR key of our software, they can use true high availability storage for their demos and in classes to train others about the many advantages of using Hyper-V virtual machine serves with high availability storage to increase data and application availability.”

StarWind also enhances data protection in Hyper-V environments with additional features like Remote Replication, CDP/Snapshots and Thin Provisioning. A Microsoft MVP, MCP or MCT can use StarWind for free to build a SAN for Hyper-V by installing StarWind SAN software on any industry-standard Intel-architecture x86 or x64 server and get a shared storage environment configured in less than 30 minutes for use with training, testing and development or demoing other products with Hyper-V.

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NOTE: We're sorry, but NFR program has been closed now.

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StarWind Software is a global leader in Storage Virtualization and iSCSI storage for small and midsize companies since 2003. StarWind's flagship product is a storage virtualization software that turns any industry-standard Windows Server into a fault-tolerant, fail-safe iSCSI SAN and is designed for use as centralized, networked storage for VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint Server and other server applications configured in server clusters. StarWind Software is focused on providing small and midsize companies with affordable high availability storage technology which was previously only available in high-end storage products. The advanced, enterprise-class features include Synchronous Data Mirroring with Automated Failover and Failback, Remote Replication across a WAN, CDP and Snapshots, Thin Provisioning and Virtual Tape Array (VTA). Since 2003, StarWind has pioneered the IP SAN industry and has been the solution of choice for over 30,000 global users in over 100 countries, from small and midsize companies, to governments, and Fortune 1000 companies. For additional information regarding StarWind Software, please visit


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