As we know, VMware‘s first attempt in the field of hyperconvergence, the EVO:RAIL, was a good quality software product set, which nevertheless failed because of the licensing policy. Specifically, it demanded that buyers acquire new vSphere licences, with no exception for existing vSphere users who liked the idea of adopting hyperconverged infrastructure.


VMware eventually made vSphere licences portable but before that happened, thousands of potential buyers got utterly annoyed, which deteriorated the product reputation drastically.

Logically, it would be good to know if Microsoft took VMWare’s errors into account while developing their on-premises cloud-in-a-box Azure Stack and will allow their users to bring existing Windows licences to the new service. At this time, no direct answer has been given.

Hopefully, it will include portability between current Windows Server licences and Azure Stack, and the service will be a two-way street with no barriers to moving workloads or data from cloudy Azure to on-premises Azure Stacks.

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