StarWind Backup Appliance

Value Proposition

Backup is often viewed as a necessary overhead to any organization. Due to its criticality however, it should be simple, robust, easy to integrate and above all, inexpensive. To help customers balance cost, risk and simplicity, StarWind has launched StarWind Backup Appliance.

StarWind Backup Appliance is a turn-key appliance designed as an “island” for backup storage. By physically separating primary data from protected copies, it can easily integrate into existing architectures. It provides a simple management console for minimal IT operational overhead yet still with key data reduction and protection features including compression, deduplication and encryption.

With optional core integration with Veeam, StarWind Backup Appliance unites backup and replication in order to ensure the safety of mission-critical data together with fast and reliable recovery.

Additionally, StarWind Backup Appliance provides customizable backup tiering allowing data retention at minimal cost. All primary data can be stored locally and “cold” data migrated to public cloud service providers (such as Amazon S3 or Azure). As data value reduces, it can then be moved to services such as Glacier to reduce cost further.


StarWind Backup Appliance provides the following unique features:



StarWind Backup Appliance is a turn-key solution, available pre-built and pre-configured and therefore requiring little to no effort from IT operations. Support of all hardware and software components is supplied by StarWind.

Low Cost

By designing a purpose-built appliance, StarWind Backup Appliance is particularly affordable due to its balanced configuration. By adding deduplication and compression in order to increase storage capacity and the addition of cloud tiering, its cost efficiency is unrivaled.

Performance and Features

By being able to offload cold data to public cloud providers, StarWind Backup Appliance preserves the performance of the controller node for hot data. It also takes advantage of deduplication and compression to ensure improved performance and capacity utilization by dramatically reducing the actual amount of data required to be transferred and processed.


Unified Storage

StarWind Backup Appliance exposes industry-standard uplink protocols and fabrics: SMB3, NFS and iSCSI. It can easily integrate to any architecture or virtual environment, either hyper-converged or traditional compute and storage.

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Scale-Up and

Scale-up capacity expansion can simply be provided or alternatively, in order to add capacity, performance and bandwidth, it can scale-out with additional controller nodes.

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Virtual Tape Library

VTL is an included feature that accelerates backup process by retaining all data on inexpensive, fast and high-capacity drives, therefore dramatically reducing backup windows. VTL can also be deployed in a public cloud to implement cold data offload.

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Deduplication and Compression

Data reduction tools are included to reduce capacity requirement and to improve performance. This is accomplished as deduplication and compression reduce the actual amount of data to be transferred and processed. In addition to its own in-line deduplication, which is good for running VMs, StarWind BA can take advantage of third-party offline deduplication, which is less resource-critical and more suitable for cold data management.

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Snapshots and
Backup Data Tiering

StarWind BA implements a 3-2-1 backup rule which provides 3 copies of data in 2 formats and 1 on a remote site by utilizing snapshots and asynchronous replication. It also provides backup data tiering: cold data is offloaded to the public cloud in order to preserve the controller node for “hot” data, with an option to change the retention policy for cold data in the cloud upon its relevance, for better cost-efficiency.

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StarWind BA supports asynchronous replication and utilizes an industry-leading backup solution from Veeam as an option. It can replicate entire storage pools or individual objects such as virtual machines and files. It therefore ensures the safety of stored data and minimizes the risk of data corruption in case of critical failures and disasters. StarWind BA also supports the utilization of public clouds, or private cloud built with Microsoft Azure Stack as a DR site.

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Starwind Swordfish Provider NEW

StarWind Swordfish Plugin allows to easily manage, allocate and scale infrastructures based on StarWind Virtual SAN as well as setups with StarWind VSAN being part of a bigger storage infrastructure. Swordfish API comes as a part of VSAN installation, making StarWind deployment extra simple and eliminating the need to install additional software to manage the infrastructure.

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