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Value Proposition

We help SMB, ROBO, and Enterprises store and manage backups in a simple and inexpensive way with StarWind Backup Appliance.

Backup is always a pain, which is different for different businesses. SMB need to balance between service and costs, with their limited budgets. ROBO operate independently from their head offices and don’t have dedicated backup

administrators. Enterprises have huge amounts of data to store for the sake of historical records or industry compliance.

Backup data must be stored physically separated from the primary data, because if the primary storage fails, both will be lost or corrupted. StarWind Backup Appliance is designed as a separated “island” for backup storage. It is inexpensive, being purpose-built for backup, with its special balance between the amount of RAM, type of the hard drives, and CPU horsepower.


Unlike competitors, StarWind Backup Appliance:

  • Provides backup data tiering. It allows storing the most recent backup data on the appliance to make it available for quick recovery and offloading cold backup data to the public cloud (Amazon S3 or Azure), where it moves in the course of time to the container for the least accessed data, like Glacier, to store it for little expenses and to enable storing all of the backup without deleting anything;
  • Allows StarWind or Veeam licenses recycling. The Bring Your Own License policy applies – if you already have StarWind or Veeam license, you don’t pay for it within StarWind Backup Appliance;
  • Has a setup specially balanced to be fit for the backup purpose, with high capacity and performance just enough to process it, and features like deduplication, compression, and encryption to provide better performance and capacity utilization. The appliance scales up with commodity JBODs and scales out with additional nodes to provide higher capacity even in case of rapid data growth.


StarWind Backup Appliance is a turnkey solution, purpose-built for backup. It comes pre-built and pre-configured, that’s why it requires little to no effort from the onsite IT-team – you just have to plug it in. Moreover, all components of the solution, both software and hardware, are covered by single support, which is provided by StarWind engineers.
Low Cost
StarWind Backup Appliance keeps special balance of its hardware and software components to be entirely backup-focused. It costs less than all the components would, if bought separately, due to StarWind partnership with the hardware vendors. Data-reducing deduplication and compression also contribute to the cost-efficiency, along with the cloud tiering.
Performance and Features
StarWind Backup Appliance offloads cold data to the cloud, preserving the controller node for hot data. Deduplication and compression ensure better performance and capacity utilization reducing the actual amount of data to transfer and process. Support of industry-standard uplink protocols enables the appliance to integrate into almost any architecture.


Unified Storage (Multiprotocol)

StarWind Backup Appliance exposes industry-standard uplink protocols and fabrics: SMB3, NFSv4.1, and iSCSI. It can become a part of almost any architecture or virtual environment, either hyperconverged or compute and storage separated. Learn more

Scale-Up and Scale-Out

StarWind Backup Appliance scales up with JBODs if bandwidth is enough and only capacity increase is needed. To add capacity, performance, and bandwidth, it does scale-out with ready controller nodes. StarWind VSAN serves to create virtual shared storage among several cluster nodes. Learn more

Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

VTL comes in StarWind Backup Appliance in its software-only version. It accelerates backup process, so that it could fit into designated time window and would not overlap with production time and cause performance degradation. VTL can be deployed in a public cloud to implement cold data offload. Learn more

Deduplication and Compression

Space reduction technologies of StarWind Virtual SAN help to conserve disk space for StarWind Backup Appliance. Deduplication and compression provide better performance and capacity utilization because they cut the actual amount of data to be transferred and processed. This way StarWind Backup Appliance is enabled to deal with much more data than its raw capacity is. In addition to its own in-line deduplication, which is good for running VMs, StarWind BA can use third-party offline deduplication, for example, Windows built-in feature, which is less resource-critical and better for cold data management. Learn more

Snapshots and Backup Data Tiering

StarWind Backup Appliance implements 3-2-1 backup rule, which is 3 copies of data in 2 formats and 1 on the remote site, utilizing snapshots and asynchronous replication. It does backup data tiering: the cold data is offloaded to the public cloud to preserve the controller node for “hot” data, with an option to change the retention policy for cold data in the cloud upon its relevance for better cost-efficiency. The offload to the public cloud can also be applied to implement an effective Disaster Recovery plan or meet regulatory requirements. Learn more

Asynchronous Replication

StarWind Backup Appliance supports asynchronous replication and utilizes an industry-leading backup solution from Veeam, which can be included in the appliance as an option. It can replicate entire storage pools or individual objects, like virtual machines and files. Thus, it ensures the safety of stored data and minimizes the risk of data corruption in case of critical failures and disasters. StarWind Backup Appliance also supports the utilization of Azure and Amazon S3 public clouds, or private cloud built with Microsoft Azure Stack as DR site, allowing the deployment of backup to geographically-remote location without any additional troubles. Learn more

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