Sears Home and Franchise Success Story

Updated: November 19th, 2019

StarWind is robust, willing to work with us and had faster response than other companies.

John Oates, Sears Home and Franchise


Deploying a reliable storage is a serious challenge in terms of money and skilled staff.

“We had 3 Dell servers with 368Gb RAM and 7Tb HDD space, without SAN technology” – Jeff Rockwell. “That was the problem: exactly no shared storage – no true High Availability, mediocre performance and no Fault-Tolerance. While looking for a good option, among others, Sears Home and Franchise Business considered HP SAN, without any luck. Every other choice the competitors provided had one of the following limitations: lack of flexibility, high price and vendor lock-in.”


As a result, the company deployed StarWind HyperConverged Appliance. So, currently, Sears Home and Franchise Business uses 3 highly available Hyper-V servers running on the hardware that was already on site and recommended by qualified pre-sales support. StarWind HCA is exceptionally easy to manage and requires minimum efforts from on-site IT team.

Jeff Rockwell mentioned, “It has got excellent performance and meets all the requirements. We did have an issue with after-sales-support, however, that has been corrected as well. StarWind is willing to work with its customers.”

StarWind allows Sears Home and Franchise Business to run on a high performance, low cost and to be covered by a single “support umbrella”.

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