StarWind Virtual SAN improved the overall system maintenance in Visma due to its approach to L1 and L2 caches

Published: July 31, 2018

StarWind improved troubleshooting, the way of control and support.

Ciprian Visa, System Administrator


The company’s infrastructure comprised POC, home lab and pure testing environments composed of 10 hosts with ESXi and Hyper-V. VISMA was trying to achieve more features on top of the existing Windows Server iSCSI target role server and improve performance using cache operational principles. Therefore, the company needed an appropriate solution that could fulfill those requirements.


To satisfy the existing demands, Visma decided to select StarWind Virtual SAN product. It is user-friendly, easy to configure and integrate both with Windows Server and VMware vSphere product lines. StarWind Virtual SAN uses RAM for L1 cache and flash memory for L2 cache to speed up the processing of disk requests. To achieve high performance and additional protection, StarWind also encourages to use L1 cache in write-back mode and L2 cache in the write-through mode respectively. Owing to such StarWind’s approach to L1 and L2 cache memory and the ways it is implemented, Visma company managed to improve troubleshooting, the way of the system control and support.

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VISMA is a leading European company that provides software for automation and management of business processes. In particular, the company comprises five business areas that correspond to its strategic positions in such segments as Enterprise, SMB, Commerce Solutions, Custom Solutions and Retail. For more than 15 years already VISMA has been successfully developing solutions and software that facilitates administrative processes and brings advantages into the customers’ businesses.

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Ciprian Visa, System Administrator