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Hardware-less VM Storage
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Products for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere

StarWind Virtual SAN – Free Edition

StarWind Virtual SAN Free Edition is entirely software-based hypervisor-centric virtual machine storage that is extremely easy to setup and manage, and it is agile, resilient, and absolutely FREE.

StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS V6 – Free Edition

StarWind Free is an iSCSI Target that converts any Windows server into a SAN. This is a fully functional product at no cost.

StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V V6 – Free Edition

StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V Free Edition is a reliable and fault-tolerant virtual SAN solution that requires ZERO hardware investments; delivers 2-node HA functionality, unlimited storage capacity, and efficient space management capabilities to virtualization professionals for FREE.

StarWind V2V Converter

StarWind Converter is a free downloadable V2V conversion tool for virtual machines.

StarWind RAM Disk

With StarWind RAM Disk emulation these virtual drives can be more than 1000 times faster than your local hard drive. They appear to your system and applications as a standard disk volume where you can read and write files.

StarWind Tape Redirector

StarWind Tape Redirector allows you to export tape drives and media changers as iSCSI targets over the network and connect them on remote machine.

StarWind iSCSI Initiator

StarWind iSCSI Initiator fully implements the iSCSI client side protocol enabling you to connect to a full range of remote devices such as disk arrays, tape drives, DVD-ROM, BD-ROM and HD-DVD image libraries.

StarWind AoE Initiator

StarWind AoE Initiator fully implements ATA-over-Ethernet client side protocol enabling you to connect to remote storage appliances such as Coraid®. AoE support enables connectivity to remote storage devices over a standard Ethernet network, regardless of where the device resides.

StarWind FCoE Initiator

StarWind FCoE Initiator fully implements Fibre Channel-over-Ethernet client side protocol enabling you to connect to remote storage appliances such as those developed by Qlogic and Cisco.

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