Vitalii Feshchenko
Vitalii Feshchenko
Vitalii is a Post-Sales Support Engineer at StarWind about 2 years. Has a broad knowledge of storage, virtualization, backup, and infrastructure implementation. Ping pong as a hobby.

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Posted by Vitalii Feshchenko on September 4, 2018
® How it works" class="titlePage">Access Rights in StarWind Virtual SAN® How it works

This blog article discusses Access Rights feature and its implementation in VSAN from StarWind environment. Access Rights allows you to segregate the storage between multiple clusters or hypervisors. You can configure the feature with StarWind Management Console, and, in this article, I’ll teach you how that can be done.

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Posted by Vitalii Feshchenko on May 24, 2018
How to Perform Check Disk on Cluster Shared Volume on StarWind VSAN

Find out from the StarWind blog article how to perform Check Disk on Cluster Shared Volume on StarWind VSAN with Failover Cluster ManagerSometimes, you can see an error in Failover Cluster Manager as “Chkdsk scan needed on volume”. It might happen due to some potential problems on a disk. To fix the issue, the system advices you to run a Chkdsk which is the well-known command for every system administrator.

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Posted by Vitalii Feshchenko on February 1, 2018
The main features of 2016 Failover Cluster

In our support work very often we face different environments. They can range from three VMs to a hundred of those, with the number of nodes from two to ten. Today, I will tell you about the main features of Failover Cluster 2016, which are applicable to any environment.

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Posted by Vitalii Feshchenko on December 13, 2017
Combining Virtual SAN (vSAN) with Microsoft Storage Spaces for greater Performance and better Resiliency

Previously, we went through the Storage Spaces configuration journey. The latest step was the creation of the storage pool and the virtual disk. Today I would like to proceed from that point on and create Highly Available (HA) devices with VSAN from StarWind on Storage Spaces as an underlying storage. The main goal of this post is to run the performance tests of StarWind Highly Available (HA) devices located on Storage Spaces created in different ways (Simple and Mirror). StarWind HA devices will be mirrored between two hosts via a 40Gbps synchronization channel.

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Posted by Vitalii Feshchenko on October 24, 2017
How to configure a Multi-Resilient Volume on Windows Server 2016 using Storage Spaces

Plenty of articles have been released about Storage Spaces and everything around this topic. However, I would like to absorb all actual information and lead you through the journey of configuring Storage Spaces on a Standalone host. The main goal of the article is to show a Multi-Resilient Volume configuration process. In order to use Storage Spaces, we need to have faster (NVMe, SSD) and slower (HDD) devices. So, we have a set of NVMe devices along with SAS HDD or SATA HDD, and we should create performance and capacity tier respectively.

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