Staying Isolated But Working in Full Swing
During COVID-19

An address from Anton Kolomyeytsev, CEO, StarWind
To our valued customers and partners:

The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on all areas of life, including business, forces everyone to rethink the way they communicate and cooperate with one another. StarWind is taking all the precautions and actions necessary to help curb the curve and not put any of its customers, employees, or partners at risk.

We follow all the updates from WHO, CDC, and other international healthcare organizations. All our offices have been closed and employees are working from home to reduce the chances of transmission to anyone within or outside the team. Anything necessary to enable us to continue our services is in store and in plenty.

With this in mind, thanks to StarWind solutions’ flexibility and functionality, all of the post-sale and pre-sale support, as well as ProActive Premium Support, remain clockwork. Our systems and working algorithms remain unaffected by extended home policies, so you may rest assured that your StarWind-based infrastructure is overseen as per usual.

Thanks to focus on performance and simple control, StarWind VSAN and HCA ensure that your environments continue high production and can be managed from anywhere. Both solutions include practical unified management consoles and ensure total fault tolerance. You can easily control and redistribute your environment’s resources remotely.

Our ProActive Premium Support “babysits” your environment 24/7/365 even now, ensuring that any issue is prevented before it can cause a problem. With StarWind, rest assured that your infrastructure will be up and running even if you’re not there to take care of it. Your ROBO, VDI, or Home Office environments will run even without you physically being there because with StarWind, there’s no chance for any downtime.

We thank you for trusting us with overseeing that your IT environments are perpetually up, as powerful as possible, and resilient always. Know that our team is available for any questions or support queries during our usual hours, and that we’ve got your back from whichever part of the world during this period of uncertainty and change.

Kind regards,
Anton Kolomyeytsev, CEO, StarWind

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