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Explore the world of truly versatile and effective-beyond-belief “soft” products from StarWind. From our trailblazer software-defined storage solution, Virtual SAN, to the simplistic yet multidimensional Virtual Tape Library. Whatever your needs — small deployment or enterprise, — StarWind offers fault tolerance, ease of management, automated object storage and cloud tiering, and more with transparent licensing at a reasonable price.

StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

It is a hypervisor-centric hardware- and hypervisor-agnostic software-defined storage (SDS) solution. StarWind VSAN creates a fully fault-tolerant and high-performing storage pool that is purpose-built for the virtualization workload.

  • Perfectly compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V, vSphere ESXi, Xen-based Hypervisors, and KVM-based Hypervisors
  • Works on commodity hardware without HCLs while pulling out close to 100% of underlying storage potential
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability are achieved by “mirroring” internal disks and flash between hypervisor servers

StarWind VSAN is the most universal SDS solution on the market that seeks to create ultrafast and sustainable IT infrastructures instead of squeezing out money from its customers, enabling them to make the most out of their existing resources and needs.

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StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

Software that converts inexpensive, high capacity SATA drives into virtual tapes, emulating real existing tape hardware in order to accelerate the backup process and avoid backup-production time overlap.

  • Performs fast and reliable disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) backup
  • Replicates and tiers backups to any public cloud of your choice
  • "Air-gaps" data from ransomware and works with any standard object storage

StarWind VTL meets regulatory requirements, significantly decreases backup cost, and keeps the performance of the system stable by increasing the speed of the backup process.

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StarWind NVMe-oF Initiator

It is the industry’s first software NVMe-oF initiator for Windows, allowing applications to work with remote attached NVMe Flash storage.

  • An all-software solution that doesn’t require any proprietary hardware
  • Created and tested for Windows, Certified with Windows Server
  • Works with all NVMe-oF Targets

Forget about wasting money on CPUs and flash only to be wasted by archaic storage protocols. Just download StarWind NVMe-oF Initiator and get your applications unchained IOPS at microsecond latency today.

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Free Software

Corporate appetite is not what we serve here at StarWind. Our team looks to create a world of sustainable IT infrastructure where businesses can use less IT resources while achieving better results in the long-term. To that end, we offer a range of free solutions for a variety of issues, for production purposes, to explore as proof of concept (PoC), or test and develop. You might find something suitable here even if you didn’t know you needed it.

StarWind VSAN Free

The free version of StarWind Virtual SAN that creates a dual-controller “shared nothing” SAN and NAS by “mirroring” internal storage between two hosts.

  • Works on commodity servers, including decommissioned ones
  • Extremely easy to manage
  • Free to use (subject to support restrictions)

StarWind Virtual SAN Free fills the gap between reliable but expensive storage appliances and “cult”, but still provides fault-intolerant “roll your own” ZFS single-server setups.

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StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Free

The free edition of StarWind Virtual Tape Library that makes it easier to integrate cloud storage into the existing tape-centric backup infrastructure, allowing offsite archival in the cloud.

  • Works with legacy LTOs and allows for simplification of the tape-centric routine
  • Any cloud and object storage can be used to tier your backups
  • Virtual tapes are then moved to the cloud for secure retention

StarWind VTL Free can be used for various purposes, including production and development, and let you effectively update the ways you deal with retaining data on tapes.

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StarWind V2V Converter / P2V Migrator

StarWind V2V Converter, P2V Migrator is a free download tool that allows the conversion and cloning of VMs from one format to another and is utilized when migration or hypervisor switch is required. Compared to typical converters built into hypervisors, StarWind V2V Converter performs bi-directional conversion between multiple VM formats.

  • Supports VHD(X), VMDK, IMG, and QCOW
  • Keeps the original file intact enabling smoother hypervisor migration
  • Works in P2V, V2V, P2C, V2C, C2C conversion/migration scenarios

StarWind V2V Converter is a fast and risk-free tool for VM migration between hypervisors.

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StarWind Deduplication Analyzer

StarWind Dedupe Analyzer is a free portable tool that helps virtualization admins to see if they get any benefit from deduplication without actually applying Log-Structuring and deduplication. It works as a simple wizard, does not require installation, and works with local Windows folders as well as network shares.

  • Browses the files, counts duplicated data and shows the extent of duplication
  • Provides a report on the percentage of duplicated data
  • Allows to see the space that can be freed by possible deduplication

You can download StarWind Dedupe Analyzer here.

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StarWind Tape Redirector

StarWind Tape Redirector is a free download tool that eliminates tape interface distance restrictions and allows the connection of virtual machines to physical tape infrastructure. This turns bulky tape infrastructure into a virtualization-aware flexible backup system. StarWind Tape Redirector provides a connection to the drives and libraries from anywhere in the world via iSCSI protocol and simplifies the management tape backup in a virtualized environment.

  • Preserves existing backup infrastructure during its virtualization
  • Simplifies the setup by giving VMs direct access to tape library, as if it was directly attached
  • Free to use (subject to support restrictions)

StarWind Tape Redirector gives VMs direct access to the tape library via iSCSI as if it was locally attached and is interacting with tape drives and loaders.

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StarWind rPerf

StarWind RDMA Performance Benchmarking Tool (rPerf) allows to properly and precisely measure the Windows-Linux RDMA bandwidth and latency.

  • Eliminates the need to maintain many tools to measure inter-OS bandwidth and link
  • Includes a few simple commands that provide a full picture in a single neat tool
  • Minimizes the time you spend on diagnostics and maintenance

StarWind rPerf follows the idea of optimization, enabling you to quickly get the full picture of your inter-OS connectivity without using a dozen different tools.

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StarWind iSCSI Accelerator (Load Balancer)

StarWind iSCSI Accelerator is a free software for smart virtualized workload distribution between all available CPU cores. It is developed for Hyper-V environments, where Microsoft iSCSI Initiator cannot leverage workloads effectively.

  • It can be used right from its installation
  • Eliminates the single CPU core bottleneck
  • Free to use

StarWind steps in where, for some reason, Microsoft fails to cater to the needs of its users. Download StarWind iSCSI Accelerator and start leveraging the full potential of iSCSI now.

Explore StarWind iSCSI Accelerator —

Legacy Software

New horizons await, but the classics remain. Download your favorite legacy software below.

StarWind SAN & NAS

StarWind SAN & NAS is a lightweight software-defined storage solution that leverages VSAN’s core engine, ZFS, and Linux, allowing to repurpose existing servers into HCL-certified high-performance storage appliances.

  • Fully powered and assisted by friendly, rapidly responsive StarWind Support
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance features to be additionally available soon
  • Intuitive to use and easily manageable through a web UI and other management tools

StarWind SAN & NAS unleashes the full power of ZFS and Linux, along with additional features and user-favorite StarWind Support, for aging commodity servers, allowing to breathe in new life into them while empowering business growth and greatly improving your ROI.

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StarWind SAN & NAS Free

The free version of StarWind SAN & NAS released for proof of concept (PoC), or home lab purposes to get acquainted with the product, or for the smallest of deployments with bare minimum requirements.

  • Works on commodity servers, including decommissioned ones
  • Extremely easy to manage
  • Free to use (subject to support restrictions)

StarWind SAN & NAS Free allows to take on a new approach to IT infrastructure utilization, providing a glimpse at how you can benefit much more from your aging hardware by using the new innovative software-defined storage solution from StarWind.

Explore StarWind SAN & NAS Free —

StarWind RAM Disk

StarWind RAM Disk is a free utility that allows creating a high-performing storage by turning a part of the RAM into a virtual storage device.

  • Requires minimum time and effort to create extremely fast storage
  • No need to buy dedicated hardware since RAM is available in any installation
  • Free to use (subject to support restrictions)

StarWind RAM Disk creates superfast virtual storage in just a few clicks, becoming a perfect fit for test and development scenarios, troubleshooting cases, or other niched deployments.

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What The World Says About Us

StarWind included as Niche Player for the fourth consecutive time in 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for HCI Software

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software
reviewed April 5, 2021
Industry: Finance
Company size: 3b – 10b usd
01 / 10 Read more
reviewed Sep 13, 2021
Industry: Construction
Company size: <50m usd
02 / 10 Read more
reviewed June 12, 2021
Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 50m - 250m usd
03 / 10 Read more
reviewed October 14, 2020
Industry: Education
Company size: <5,000 emp
04 / 10 Read more
reviewed March 16, 2021
Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 3b - 10b usd
05 / 10 Read more
reviewed February 28, 2020
Industry: Finance
Company size: 1b - 3b usd
07 / 10 Read more
reviewed November 14, 2019
Industry: Finance
Company size: 1b - 3b usd
08 / 10 Read more
reviewed October 20, 2016
Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 3b - 10b usd
09 / 10 Read more
reviewed September 1, 2021
Industry: Services
Company size: <50m usd
10 / 10 Read more

We are satisfied with StarWind. The support is really fantastic. Whenever any issue arises, the response is very prompt, and solution is immediate.

Srinivas Kouda, Company’s Representative

We were able to build 2-node storage clusters based on virtualization in 19 hypermarkets without any problems and with high cost-efficiency.

Vass Sandor, IT Infrastructure Leader

By being able to virtualize our environment with StarWind, we were able to retire some old hardware, get our services highly available, reduce power consumption and heat in our server closet.

David Gardner, Information Systems Manager

StarWind got us off the clustered environment, which was a big help. So, I could regain control of my storage and reclaim and redistribute the space we desperately needed.

Ryan Fulton, Company’s Representative

Price + Simplicity. StarWind vSAN offers great pricing and allows us to get work done without expensive custom hardware. It also makes getting back online quick and easy after an outage or hardware failure.

Aaron Hayes, IT Manager

We chose StarWind Mainly because of the cost compared to other vendors. Simplicity of setup was also a major factor and I like the fact that you don’t need a vendor certified engineer to perform the installation.

John Harris, Windows System Administrator,
Department of Physics, University of Oxford

Because of recommendations of older colleagues, with StarWind, we got a reliable storage with no additional hardware. There was a need to increase IT infrastructure performance and we saw StarWind as the most cost-effective solution.

Željko Medić, Director of IT Department

StarWind is the best storage product I have ever used! It satisfies and exceeds requirements.

Joe Gursky, Director of IT
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