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StarWind Tape Redirector

Tape Drive and Tape Autoloader Redirector

Tape Redirector is free software that provides the interface for accessing a tape library via iSCSI protocol. This solution seamlessly integrates with any tape hardware and works with all backup solutions.

Key advantages:

  • ZERO investments
  • Intuitive interface
  • Possibility to back up VM data directly to the tape hardware
Download Free StarWind Tape Redirector works with any
tape hardware and tape backup software.

Direct Connection Between a VM and Tape Library via iSCSI


Logical backup infrastructure cannot be preserved in virtualized environments when performing P2V migration. This happens because guest virtual machines don’t have direct access to the storage hardware, and in particular to tape drives and tape loaders. Consequently, backup software running in VMs cannot communicate with the tape hardware to perform backups.


Provide a VM with the interface for accessing the tape hardware. StarWind Tape Redirector acts as a translation layer between virtual machines and the tape library. As a result, VMs gain access to the tape drives and perform backups directly to the tape library.


StarWind Tape Redirector makes it possible to preserve the existing logical backup infrastructure when performing P2V migration. Consequently, VMs have direct access to the tape library via iSCSI as if it had been locally attached, and interact with tape drives and loaders.

No Distance Limitations Between Backup and Tapes


SAS, FC and parallel SCSI attachments are limited by the physical cable length. If servers with backup software and tape libraries are located in the different data centers or too far away from each other in the same premises, tape backup software cannot communicate with tape hardware. Thus, it is impossible to do the backups to tapes.


StarWind Tape Redirector is installed on a server with the attached tape drive. It creates a gateway to a tape library via iSCSI so that any backup application located on a remote server can transfer the data to the tapes over LAN or WAN using SCSI over TCP (iSCSI) protocol.


StarWind Tape Redirector resolves the distance limitations issue between the backup server and tape drive. Thus, using iSCSI the backup data can be transferred from the distantly located backup server to the tape library over any IP network.