The support, when rarely needed, has been excellent.
Allows us to scale down to a two-node cluster: cut our CapEx, OpEx, licensing and support costs.
Great experience: five years up and running flawlessly!
Excellent product! It's easy to install, configure, use, and maintain.
We achieved high availability with no extra hardware. Cost-effective vs. physical hardware.
It’s been bulletproof. We’ve had ZERO issues in four years. No exaggeration.
Works flawlessly in the background. I don’t even realize it’s there.

TrustRadius about StarWind VSAN

We know you’ve been eying it.
Give it a go!
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Thanks for your interest in StarWind VSAN!

Check your email for the appropriate instructions and trial it out to your heart’s content.

StarWind Storage Virtualization Software

  • Works with standard hardware and hypervisor
  • Comes at attractive price for features offered
  • Brings true two-node high availability
  • Unlocks all features immediately
  • Does not have hardware compatibility lists
  • Includes assisted deployment and configuration
  • Enables simple storage resources provisioning
  • Ensures to 100% IOPS from raw storage