StarWind Storage Gateway for Backblaze

Value Proposition

For organizations who want to automate their IT infrastructure and media assets backups while keeping them instantly accessible and less expensive to store offsite than LTO, our solution is StarWind Storage Gateway for Backblaze.

Access your data anytime and securely store it locally with flexible tiering and replication to Backblaze Cloud Storage. Unlock true backup potential and forget about the inconvenience of shipping physical tapes offsite since the Gateway completely automates tape backup and archive. Leave your established backup process untouched as Backblaze Storage Gateway integrates into it with zero changes. Get a faster, more reliable local backup and archive that scales to your needs and only gets more cost-efficient over time.

StarWind Storage Gateway for Backblaze - pic 1
Fireball Support

Backblaze Fireball is an import service for securely migrating large data sets from your on-premises environments into B2 Cloud Storage. Backblaze will send you the Fireball, a 70 TB hard drive array with 1 Gbps connectivity. Fill up the Fireball and return it back to Backblaze for a secure upload inside B2 data center.

Key Benefits

Solution integrates seamlessly and requires zero changes to the established backup and archive process. Fireball support allows moving backups of any size to B2 fast without any connectivity issues.


The Gateway completely automates your backup and secures offsite archival by eliminating human process and the need to ship physical tapes offsite.


It's not just less expensive than LTO. You get a backup and archive storage that scales to your needs and becomes more and more cost efficient over time.