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  • StarWind ProActive Support – resolving issues before they appear

StarWind ProActive Support – resolving issues before they appear

Andrew Tuzov, Project Manager, StarWind
Alexey Khorolets, Engineer, StarWind
Published: November 2017
Duration: 21:45
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Key points of the webinar

  • Discussing solutions for IT environment monitoring
  • Key values monitored to ensure that system is running smoothly
  • Highlighting StarWind ProActive Support advantages


Understanding what, exactly, is going on in an IT environment is vital to have it running smoothly. Obviously, a couple of provided by default graphs does not give sufficient information on environment’s health and performance. Therefore, IT professionals require dedicated tools for their systems’ versatile monitoring.

In fact, there are many solutions for understanding infrastructure loads. For instance, you may use Veeam One Reporter, Cacti, Nagios, etc. to check the production environment health. They enable users to gain insight into such essential values as CPU and RAM utilization, average disk queue, network connection, etc. By configuring these tools, you can get a decent functionality allowing you to stay always aware of your system’s health.

However, the main problem remains unsolved since you constantly must sit in front of your screen and check the environment to avoid any possible production stops. Thus, being occupied mainly with IT infrastructure monitoring, you have less time to support users. That, actually, is where StarWind ProActive Support comes in handy.

StarWind ProActive Support is the service that eliminates customer’s effort and time involved in monitoring and troubleshooting issues. System administrators can focus on users and VMs instead of being entirely busy with solving infrastructure problems. Moreover, thanks to the advanced monitoring and proprietary analytics, StarWind ProActive Support resolves problems before they even occur.

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