StarWind ProActive Support: focus on innovation instead of monitoring your environment

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Andrew Tuzov, Project Manager, StarWind

Duration: 19:58

Updated: June 28th, 2022

Key points of the webinar:

  • Traditional support services take lots of time to resolve an issue
  • StarWind creates a much simpler support chain
  • Customers get services availability and data security with StarWind ProActive Support
  • StarWind ProActive Support prevents issues instead of dealing with the consequences

Traditional support systems include a lot of different stages in between the occurrence of an issue and its resolution. When a problem within the environment occurs, the first thing that must be done is to find a root cause of the issue. Since the problem may happen with the hypervisor, storage or any other component of the environment, it may take a lot of time to find out the reason.

Next step is to submit a ticket. However, if the issue can’t be determined precisely, the ticket will be submitted to different vendors, which takes additional time and efforts. After that, the customer has to wait for support. Some companies will respond in minutes while others will do it much longer. Also, it must be noted, that during all these steps, the environment is either with a serious issue or even experiencing a downtime. Finally, a support team will start the fixing process which usually also requires considerable time. Additionally, if the product that caused the problem is complex, there is a huge chance that third-party vendors will be involved. Typically, this leads to finger pointing and wasting more time to fix the problem. Only after all these painful steps are completed, the customer will receive a resolution.

StarWind aims to create a much simpler support chain by removing all these painful steps. StarWind ProActive Support monitors the environment, notices potential issues and starts resolving them before they can make any damage. Thus, StarWind comes with a solution and not a problem and ensures that there is no additional effort involved from the customer’s side.

StarWind ProActive Support ensures that business-critical applications are constantly available by mitigating and resolving issues before they actually occur. As a result, StarWind provides a high level of data security and eliminates downtimes in the environment.

Since StarWind support team is constantly monitoring the environment, customers can allocate their valuable time on innovating or developing their business. Furthermore, this brings peace of mind as users can simply let a team of professionals take care of their environment, knowing that in case of emergency, StarWind will deal with it.

StarWind ProActive Support is included as part of the offering for StarWind HyperConverged Appliance. For StarWind Virtual SAN, it will be available as an additional option with StarWind Standard and Premium Support.

Important notice: During the development process, the feature name was changed from StarWind ProActive Support to StarWind ProActive Premium Support. Please, take into consideration that the old name remained in the video materials.

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