StarWind iSCSI SAN Solution for Server Virtualization

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Enabling Server Virtualization with Shared Storage

Implementing a reliable iSCSI SAN is becoming an industry best practice for administrators of VMware ESX and ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Storage virtualization is the logical next step to complete a virtual environment. Combining iSCSI SANs and system virtualization allows IT organization to improve overall levels of performance, lower overall costs and increase the levels of system and data protection.

By installing an iSCSI SAN, system administrators can provide powerful, shared storage for their VMs featuring:

  • CDP & Snapshots. Point-in-time Snapshots. By combining Continuous Data Protection(CDP) with instant snapshot technology, StarWind allows you to recover from a failure in moments. An administrator can access snapshot copies to recover individual files or folders from the volume, or rollback an entire volume to a point prior to failure.

  • Mirroring & Replication. StarWind's Asynchronous Replication and Synchronous Mirroring enable advanced replication between a primary SAN and a remote site. Asynchronous Replication and Synchronous Mirroring is used for centralized backup and disaster recovery and can be setup on a per-volume basis. Remote copies placed on a re-occurring schedule allow a customer to achieve point-in-time replication of the data between sites located in different server rooms, satellite locations, buildings across campus or even metro areas.

  • Thin Provisioning. StarWind Thin Provisioning feature offers very efficient disk utilization. Administrators no longer need to predict how much space they will need or to purchase disks ahead of time. For maximum SAN efficiency, StarWind Thin Provisioning allocates only as much space as is required for data being written on that volume.

  • StarWind creates a more efficient virtual environment. Its iSCSI SAN solution is highly affordable, helping you slash operating costs. Highly reliable helping you protect your entire virtual data center.

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