Success Story: Cygnus, Inc. reduces hardware footprint, gets high availability and ensures fault tolerance without breaking budgets – everything with the only one StarWind

Cygnus, Inc., a U.S. company operating in the field of aerospace sheet metal fabrication, experienced a server failure. Their data recovery (DR) solution was in place and worked well. Still, the long system restoring was unacceptable. Learn from this case study how Cygnus, Inc. achieves full-scale high availability for a small budget with StarWind.

Success Story: Kellstrom Defense Aerospace makes effective storage space allocation and gets easy IT infrastructure management with StarWind

Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, a U.S. Medium Business that deals with aerospace distribution, had an aging architecture following a compute and storage separated scenario. The clustered storage did not allow the company to distribute the storage space efficiently. Learn from this success story how StarWind helped to upgrade the company’s infrastructure for more efficient storage use.

Success Story: Daboula creates a failover cluster at reduced hardware footprint and ensures constant uptime with StarWind

Daboula, a Congolese IT consulting company, used obsolete servers in the failover cluster. The existing infrastructure required redundant storage at the physical level on different hardware. Still, it would not ensure uptime in case of failure. Discover from this success story how StarWind helped Daboula to facilitate efficient storage utilization and avoid downtime.

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