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October 3 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
Disaster Recovery 101
Hyper-V and vSphere
Speaker: Oleg Pankevych, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Success Story: StarWind HCA helped The Sutton Group to achieve higher IT infrastructure performance with less hardware to take care of

The Sutton Group is a group of companies covering footwear retail and wholesale. The Group’s IT infrastructure performance reduced as the amount of data was growing. And, the company couldn’t fix the performance issues that easily due to a large number of hardware units on premises. Find out how StarWind HCA become a remedy to The Sutton Group IT-related pains.

Success Story: High availability, data safety, and no vendor dependency are there with StarWind Virtual SAN

The Reynolds Company, an adhesives and coatings manufacturer, faced difficulties while investigating split-brain causes. That’s why the company was looking for another shared storage provider. The Reynolds Company wanted the solution to be hardware-agnostic so that vendor lock-in would be avoided. Find out from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN ensured the company’s business continuity and data safety.

Success Story: Double Fine Productions achieved higher applications performance without compromising infrastructure management simplicity

Double Fine Productions, a company specialized in game development, wanted to speed up its applications and streamline its environment. The company was also looking leverage cost efficient cloud storage for archival purposes. Learn from this success story how Double Fine achieved higher application performance and accelerated its backup process with StarWind solutions.

Success Story: Cantey Tech Consulting deployed StarWind VSAN that boosted performance and ensured constant services’ uptime

The company was looking for a cost-effective and relatively simple solution that would make its services highly available and guarantee business continuity as a result. Learn from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN fulfilled all the requirements of Cantey Tech Consulting by enhancing the overall SAN performance and making the company’s cloud services functioning with no downtime.

Success Story: Young America achieved IT infrastructure high availability without building a new environment from scratch

Young America LLC, a digital marketing company, used to run a standalone ESXi host. Should something go wrong any of its disks, the entire site would go down. So, to make its IT environment more reliable, the company needed HA for that site. Learn from this success story how a software-defined storage solution delivered high availability without changing the environment.