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Seagate introduces 60TB SSD drive

  • August 16, 2016
  • 5 min read
Online Marketing Manager at StarWind. In touch with virtualization world, may know stuff you are interested in.
Online Marketing Manager at StarWind. In touch with virtualization world, may know stuff you are interested in.

Nytro XP7200

       Nytro XP7200  with heat sink on top

Seagate shows off two new SSD products: an 8TB NVMe drive and a spacious 60TB SSD prototype in a 3.5-inch form factor.

This 60TB consists of more than a 1,000 Micron 3D NAND dice fitted into a full-size, 3.5-inch disk form factor package. Apparently, it has dual port 12Gbit/s SAS interface and 150,000 random read IOPS, with undisclosed write IOPS. The sequential read/write numbers should be 1.5 and 1.0GB/sec.

It has a single controller, and no information has been provided about likely endurance. This would seem to be a precursor of an active (read several / write infrequently) archive SSD or some other application featuring read-intensive, latency-sensitive, high-capacity storage.

This 60TB is four times larger than Samsung’s 15TB 3D NAND SSD, which has 512 x 256Gb 48-layer V-NAND chips inside stacked in 16 layers. It is also six times larger than its own 10TB 3.5-inch disk drive.

As Seagate suggests, we could see a 100TB SSD in the future, but no names have been revealed yet.

Nytro NVMe drive

The XP7200 is a much faster proposition that has 940,000 and 160,000 random read and write IOPS respectively, while its sequential read and write data rates are 10GB/sec and 3.6GB/sec through its 16-lane PCIe gen 3 interface. It has a full-height PCIe form factor and has four separate capacity-optimized Nytro XM1440 M.2 SSDs mounted on its base card, each with its own controller. The card fits in a single 16-lane gen 3 PCIe slot, and all the lanes and each drive/controller pair should be working simultaneously to get the full performance out of it. The available capacities are 3.8TB and 7.7TB.
Nytro XP7200

Nytro XP7200  with heat sink on top

Suggested application areas for the XP7200 are high-performance computing, scale-out databases, and big data analytics such as scientific research and weather modelling.

According to Seagate, the 8TB Nytro XP7200 NVMe SSD will be available through channel partners by the end of the year. A 60TB SAS SSD product is anticipated for some time in 2017.

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