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World’s fastest SSD

  • March 11, 2016
  • 3 min read
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Seagate has announced the release of so-called “the world’s fastest SSD” with the significant  performance differential between it and the next closest competitive device. The new SSD is compatible with the Open Compute Project specification, employs NVMe protocol, and is capable of 10GB/sec of throughput when used in 16-lane PCIe slots, which is 4GB/sec faster than the next fast competing solution.


Seagate is also working on a more power- and cost-effective, but lower-performing variant for 8-lane PCIe slots with a throughput of 6.7 GB/sec. The manufacturer plans the product to be used on their own or in conjuction with HDDs for an optimal hybrid storage array.


Pricing and model name are yet to be disclosed, but general availability of the product to the customers will open up next summer.

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