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StarWind is #1 SAN Software to build a SAN for VMware and SAN for Hyper-V

StarWind VMware Backup Plug-in

StarWind VMware Backup Plug-in new

Complete Protection of Your VMware Virtual Machines
VMware Backup Plug-in is a reliable agentless backup and restore tool that is designed to safeguard data and improve the VMware virtualization outcome for SMBs. Its disaster recovery values are ensured with fast to restore archives in VMDK format. All backup and restore operations are easier, faster, and less space consuming than ever before with VMware Backup Plug-in.

You get a maximally efficient backup window, for it provides incremental and simultaneous VM backup options enhanced with the powerful global deduplication feature.
NEW:  Now supports vSphere 5.1!
Agentless architecture
VMware Backup Plug-in can be installed on any machine with 64-bit Windows OS. It provides superb performance and substantial time savings, as there is no need to separately install an agent for each VM.

VMware native VMDK format
VMware virtual machines are saved in the native VMDK format. This enables third-party software to operate with the archives stored by VMware Backup.

Global deduplication
This valuable enterprise-class feature searches and eliminates duplicated data blocks across all VMs and within a storage pool. It ensures the effective utilization of storage space, shrinks the backup window, and fastens ROI.

Delta data saving
The Plug-in leverages powerful global deduplication technology, and it saves only unique data instances that have been written since all previous backup operations. Delta data saving is a StarWind proprietary technology that considerably raises storage space utilization and allows for money savings.

VMware Backup Plug-in

Backup of several virtual machines simultaneously
This tool enables you to back up several virtual machines at the same time while preserving time consistency in all VM data.

Incremental backup
Along with full VM backup, VMware Backup Plug-in offers an incremental backup feature. It stores only blocks that have changed since the last backup operation and ensures substantial decrease of disk space requirements.

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