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StarWind is #1 SAN Software to build a SAN for VMware and SAN for Hyper-V


CDP (Continuous data protection)

CDP is a real-time backup of data. Every change made to data is captured automatically thus allowing to restore it to any point in time.
All changes to data are stored to a separate storage location. Using CDP you define the point in time to which you need to recover the data at the moment of an actual restore. With traditional backups you can restore data to the point at which the backup was made. Backup schedules aren’t used with CDP. When data is saved to disk, it is also asynchronously saved to a second location. This overhead makes scheduled backups unnecessary.


Snapshots capture block level changes of a volume’s state at any point in time. StarWind Snapshots can be automatically scheduled or performed manually. Snapshots provide fast and efficient method to backup & restore data right on the SAN with minimal impact to application performance. Since snapshots only capture block level changes they take up far less space than a full copy. Further, replicating data from a snapshot means you don’t negatively impact live production LUNs eliminating performance degradation for applications and servers, as all the work is done on the SAN.

Point in Time Snapshots

  • Instantly recover and roll back an entire disk volume or individual files and folders
  • Perform scheduled or manual point-in-time block level snapshots


Unlike a snapshot that captures only block level changes between the previous snapshots, a Clone performs a full copy of a LUN. Clones allow increased data protection flexibility when you want a full copy and permit copies of volumes to be easily managed for testing and development environments.


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