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StarWind is #1 SAN Software to build a SAN for VMware and SAN for Hyper-V

StarWind Software Customer Feedback

StarWind Software Customer Feedback

With more than 30,000 global users in over 100 countries, StarWind helps customers manage, simplify and secure their virtual environments with reliable and affordable shared storage solutions.

Find out how StarWind customers are using StarWind iSCSI SAN solutions to solve real world problems.

The Covell Group "StarWind approach is truly winning. StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V is easily configured, provides high performance, and eliminates a single point of failure. You also do not need any external fault-tolerant storage which minimizes the cost of deployment."

Anton Zatsepin, Chief Executive Officer, UA.Capitals.Ltd

The Covell Group "For most beer drinkers Anchor Steam Beer is a household name and a well-loved beer that has been handed down through generations. This San Francisco based company recently upgraded their entire IT infrastructure with a VMware VDI solution. This solution required servers, software, and one of the more expensive pieces of the puzzle the SAN. To keep cost down and double duty some of the hardware Anchor is using StarWind’s iSCSI SAN software on a Dell server running Windows 2008 R2. This server is being used as a Domain Controller for the site as well as a SAN for all the virtual desktops (approximately 40). The OS is using a Mirrored set of SAS drives while the StarWind iSCSI software is using a RAID 10 set of 15k SAS drives in RAW mode. "

Daniel Covell, Founder and President, The Covell Group LLC

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California State University, Dominguez Hills "With the free StarWind iSCSI SAN with Deduplication software, I salvaged bunch of old servers to be used as SAN storage devices. I then build a complete test platform to emulate my production environment. I was able to test some disaster recovery situations and high availability scenarios on this setup and found some defects in the system design. These faulty design problems were fixed before any disaster hit my real production systems because the knowledge learned from the test setup. "

Ed Liao, Network Administrator, CA State University Dominguez Hills

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"We help perform DR recoveries and testing for our clients. As such, we need to run several different types and versions of backup software to access our tape libraries. With ESX3.5, this was available using SCSI pass-through to connect a VM to the FC fabric and present the drives. We then built out several VMs, each with different backup software, however this didn’t work in ESX 4.0. "

Ed Goad, Sr. Systems Engineer, WTS, Inc.

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"StarWind iSCSI is a perfect solution for businesses who want to start using virtualization, but don’t have a huge budget to prove the benefits of using VMWare. I have been able to implement this solution for many small and medium size businesses and have never been disappointed with the results. Star Wind is also a perfect solution for Dev environments where we didn’t want to use expensive FC storage to host Dev/Test systems. Thank you for developing a great product."

Charles Harris, Enterprise Architect, Solutia Inc.

"The company I work for, a small real estate software firm, was looking for its first SAN solution. We wanted to add storage to our Oracle Databases and enable the advanced features of our VMWare Essentials Plus package. We received a quote from a national computer manufacturer for production and backup iSCSI appliances that totaled $50,000 including iSCSI enabled network switches. The cost was more than we could bear at the time, so we looked for alternatives. "

Dave Jamison, IT Manager, Solid Earth, Inc.

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"After virtualizing >80% of our datacenter, we realized we need fast, reliable and (above all else) centralized storage. Having just virtualized so much, we had plenty of server hardware, but not enough NAS or SAN space. StarWind allowed us to transition these systems to centralized SAN storage for all of our ESX hosts. StarWind is a must for any organization that wants to virtualize while reducing the costs of new hardware."

Nathan Lowe, IT Systems Analyst, Professional Contract Services, Inc

"In today’s world of ever-growing infrastructure, and with servers per rack density needing to be higher and higher, we often end up with servers that have no dvd/cd drive. If you couple that with the fact that many of our systems reside in a data center fairly far from our office, Starwind provides an excellent solution with the Virtual Optical Drive feature. That allows me to share a repository of ISOs for my physical servers in a remote location. No more looking for lost disks, and no more paying exorbitant fees to have data center remote help change out discs for me! Absolutely fantastic."

J. Hunter Pfeifer, Senior Systems Administrator

"We currently run 14 ESX Servers. We run databases on these machines. We started using your RAMDISK to speed up databases and it works great. I know this isn’t geared towards VMWARE, but we use it in a VMWARE environment and it works great. We have read about some of your Vmware products and are looking forward to learning more about them at Vmware world. But we are definitely fans of your software."

Harvey Etter, Sr. Systems Administrator, PNY Technologies, Inc.

"Just thought I would share a brief story about the free iscsi san software that starwind has. I work at a large international legal firm and we have been using expensive EMC fiber channel storage devices for years. We have a storage guy that says that we have to keep using fiber storage from emc because iscsi does not offer the same performance. "

Robert Pfannkuche, Winston & Strawn LLP

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"I am new to VMware as of February 2011 and yet I have been working very hard to come up to speed, even having obtained my VCP4 as of June 2011. Interestingly, my success story is most likely a little different than others you might receive in that I have actually become a fan of StarWind by having subscribed to your email subscription and learning about your product offerings that way."

Kevin Levine, Escalation Engineer, VCE

"The story goes like this: once upon a time there was an new SAN purchased, which upon arrival looks shiny and new, but underneath was DOA. Due to the timing requirements to get servers and services up and running, and the SAN replacement not meeting those requirements, the team had to improvise. Sacrificing a few servers, one brilliant mind thought of using a virtual appliance to aggregate just enough shared disk space to start getting the remaining servers and services up and running.
In comes StarWind Software to the rescue with their iSCSI SAN software that virtualized the local storage on several servers to save the week!"

Rob Мarkovic, Virtual Computing Environment, California, USA

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