Hewlett-Packard Enterprise introduces new naming convention

Posted by Oksana Zybinskaya on February 11, 2016
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New Integrity MC990 X is the first server in a line conforming to the new naming convention, with ‘MC’ standing for ‘mission critical’ and ‘X’ standing for ‘Xeon’.It replaces the Proliant DL980 (‘DL’ – ‘density line’). The name changes are implemented in order to meet specific customer needs, e.g., high performance and cloud computing. HP will keep the Proliant name for low-end and mid-range servers, and also keep the BL (blade) designation.


The Integrity MC990 X is designed for in-memory processing of databases and other applications. It has SGI’s NUMAlink interconnect for efficient use of resources. This server supports up to eight 18-core Xeon chips (144 processor cores altogether) and 6 TB of DDR4 memory, and can hold up to two 1.8-inch SSDs and up to four additional 2.5-inch SAS hard drives or SSDs. All servers in MC line will use Linux.

Server price starts at $70,000.


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