Now that you deploy Cloudyn (see the other article), we will connect our AWS environment to have only one interface, to manage cost for all our cloud provider subscription.

Be careful, from June, this interface will not be free anymore for AWS. It’ll cost you 1% of your annual subscription consumption.

On your Cloudyn dashboard, add a new AWS account:

Cloudyn new AWS account

Get the Account ID and the External ID. We will need it to create a new role in AWS console:

Cloudyn - AWS Account ID and the External ID

Go to your AWS console, in IAM > Roles and click on Create role:

AWS console - Create role

Choose Another AWS account and provide the Account ID and External ID that you get before:

Another AWS account - Account ID and External ID

For the permissions, give the ReadOnlyAccess permission:

AWS - ReadOnlyAccess permission

Give a name for this role:

AWS console - Role Name

The new role has been created. Click on it to get the Role ARN:

AWS - Creation Role ARN

Copy the Role ARN:

AWS - Copy the Role ARN

Provide this ARN in your Cloudyn console, where you added a new account:

Cloudyn console - ASA account

The account has been added correctly:

Cloudyn - AWS Cloud Account

We need a S3 bucket to store information of billing. In Services, select Amazon S3 and choose to create a new bucket:

AWS account - Services Amazon S3

Provide a name, choose a region and create it:

AWS account - Create bucket

In Permissions of the bucket, click on Bucket policy:

AWS account - Bucket Policy

Provide values for ARN and the account name for your bucket:

When it’s done, go to the preferences of the account, and check the box Receive Billing Reports. Choose the S3 bucket where report will be sent. Click on Verify to see if the permissions of the root account are ok for this bucket. If permissions are wrong, you’ll have an error message. Check the 4 boxes to send details reports to your bucket, every hour:

AWS account - Bucket Policy Editor

 Bucket policy - Receive Billing Reports

After some time, in Cloudyn, the status will pass to Completed:

AWS Cloud Account - Complite

Go back to the Cloudyn console 24 hours later, and you should be able to see some data:

Cloudyn console AWS - Management Dashboard

Select AWS part to have a better view:

Cloudyn console AWS - Actual Cost Analysis

You can now see the cost and the using of the cost:

Cloudyn console AWS - Cost by Services

It’s a very interesting service to have a better view than the AWS interface 😊



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