StarWind Virtual SAN® VVols Technical Preview Guide

Published: January 2016

This document, composed by StarWind engineers, holds the step-by-step instructions on installing and configuring StarWind Virtual SAN with VVOLs feature technical preview. For fast evaluation, the Virtual Storage Appliance, which is essentially StarWind Virtual SAN that deploys from a vSphere or Hyper-V compatible VM, is used. This version is testing-ready, but being VM-based it will need some tinkering from StarWind engineers for a clearer performance evaluation. The current deployment of VVOLs in StarWind Virtual SAN environment is good for non-production, testing and evaluation uses. It’s perfect for those, who want to see how Virtual Volumes replace VMDK-disks as the basic frame storage element. VMware claims this new technology to be much more efficient in managing the underlying storage in virtualized environments. These step-by-step guides for the installation of StarWind VSA as well as VVOLs configuration are comprehensive and include commands for PowerShell users for better convenience.

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