Symmetry Software improved their backup environment without changing the existing infrastructure and additional costs with StarWind Virtual Tape Library

Published: April 19, 2019

Support for StarWind VTL is great! Even though it did take several days to resolve the issue they worked on the problem every day until it was resolved. StarWind allowed us to use our Backblaze account and keep all our backups in the same location

Tracie Kline, System Administrator


The company doesn’t run its workloads on a hyperconverged platform, being a small business with limited demands. Instead, it uses a few Office 365 onsite servers. Since the company’s IT infrastructure is not a converged one for the given reasons, a need to use more efficient and consecutive backup solution than its structurally diverse backup environment has emerged. The problem was that Symmetry Software’s Mac workstations were backed up using Backblaze, but the rest of the data was unavailable offsite. The company wanted to move all its backups to the same offsite location to increase its data protection.


With StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL), Symmetry Software managed to convert its backup strategy into more efficient without purchasing customized hardware and extending their expenses on licensing. StarWind provided the company with the possibility to move all its backups to one cloud location, systematizing data, using the same Backblaze storage account they were already exploiting. The work of StarWind support impressed the company’s executives significantly because it allowed Symmetry Software to expand their current backup solution on the whole IT infrastructure without even changing it.

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Symmetry Software is an American-based payroll-related technology application company, with years of history and experience.

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Tracie Kline,
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