Herman’s Supply Company cuts its IT operational expenses by deploying a hyperconverged infrastructure with StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA)

Published: June 30th, 2022

The infrastructure powered by StarWind HCA is great and very easy
to manage. Everything is done centrally through the vSphere interface,
and we can easily make adjustments as needed.

Norm Dashwood, IT Manager


Before implementing StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA), Herman’s Supply Company had an entirely physical IT infrastructure. Multiple racks in several locations were filled with single-use physical servers and their redundancy counterparts. All these entailed complexities in IT environment management and maintenance. All servers had to be physically maintained, and they each took up space and resources, such as power and cooling. Additionally, when adding new servers, they would have to be procured, configured, and installed which exaggerated hardware costs significantly. The company wanted to build a hyperconverged infrastructure that could reduce its dependency on physical appliances and ease the management of the environment. Besides, Herman’s Supply Company needed to be able to spin up servers as required or decommission them easily. On the path of looking for the desired solution, many vendors were assessed, but StarWind demonstrated that this would be the best value for the company’s money.


Using StarWind HCA, Herman’s Supply Company was able to create a hyperconverged environment with only 2 nodes and at no extra cost. It is not necessary to buy the bulk of hardware resources in seek of high performance anymore since StarWind HCA provided an ultimate performance for the company’s mission-critical apps at a minimum hardware footprint. From now on there are also no issues with the complex IT infrastructure management since everything is controlled from a unified convenient dashboard — StarWind Command Center.
StarWind set Herman’s Supply Company up with some very hefty hosting devices that allowed it to virtualize the environment and still leave room for growth and development. Besides, the most important benefit that the company received from StarWind was the amazing ProActive Premium Support. StarWind support experts are available 24/7 to meet its needs and are always very responsive, friendly, and incredibly helpful. In view of this, Herman’s Supply Company plans to continue using StarWind for the foreseeable future. As the company grows, it will leverage StarWind’s expertise to grow its hosting environment and meet its business needs.

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Herman’s Supply Company, est.1969, is a provider of roofing supplies and accessories to contractors and lumberyards throughout Ontario, Canada, and New York, USA.

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Wholesale Building Materials

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Norm Dashwood, IT Manager