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Enable iSER


In addition to the industry-standard uplink protocols, StarWind Virtual SAN supports iSER, the topnotch data transfer extension of iSCSI for RDMA. The protocol has low latency and CPU utilization. What is more, it has inherited from iSCSI its security and simplicity advantages. With RDMA protocol suite, iSER supplies higher bandwidth for block storage transfers. These features are crucial for building virtualized or cloud environments, where the protocol allows boosting VMs’ migration and data replication.

NOTE: This guide assumes that the server and StarWind Virtual SAN are already configured.

Enabling iSER support

1. Select the StarWind server where the iSER support is intended to be enabled.
2. Press the Configuration button.
3. Navigate to the Network tab.


4. Click Add to append new network connections.


5. Select the network interface on which iSER should be enabled.
6. Click the Modify button.


7. The Network Interface tab will appear.


8. Select Enable iSER for this Interface (experimental).


Click OK.

9. Check whether the iSER feature has been Enabled successfully.


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