The Kilocore chip represents a step change in CPU power and efficiency.

The significant increase in computing power over the past decades gave way to the most of todays advances in science and technology, such as artificial intelligence, secure global communications, or large-scale pharmaceutical analyses.

kilocore processor

Nowadays core counts for processors get noteworthy increased, such as, for example, Intel’s 72 core Knights Landing supercomputing chip, but this time researchers have done an incomparable leap by building a 1,000 core  chip capable of carrying out 1.78 trillion instructions per second. The previous title holders only managed to fit 300 cores on their version.

The Kilocore also has the highest clock rate ever demonstrated for a “many core” chip. It’s also the most energy efficient capable of executing 115 billion instructions per second using just 0.7W. That makes it a hundred times more efficient than the CPUs found inside any modern laptop while being powered by just a single AA battery.

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