Citrix has revealed a desktop thin client based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer –  HDX Ready Pi, which is a Citrix-built box containing the Raspberry Pi 3 hardware and a ViewSonic Linux build designed specifically to run with the Citrix HDX virtual desktop platform. The device contains a Raspberry Pi 3 board, a power supply and ports for the Pi’s HDMI, ethernet and USB connections. It connects to a XenDesktop and XenApp server that hosts the virtual instances of each individual PC.pibox

According to Citrix VP of emerging solutions Chris Fleck, the Raspberry Pi has already taken a significant share of the education PC market with over 8 million devices shipped. This way Citrix is moving the project to the next level by offering a pre-built box ready to be plugged in a thin client.

Pi boxes are designed both for customers refreshing their existing virtual desktop hardware and for companies looking for alternative solutions to refreshing PC hardware.

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