One prominent feature that was missed these last years was the possibility to back up blob storage. Finally, it is available, and we will now see how to implement it and use it.

Before starting, you need to be sure to have a backup vault (not a recovery vault).

Create Backup Vault

New Backup Center

To start, in Azure Portal, search for Backup Center:

Backup Center

Go to Backup policies and select Azure Blobs as data source. We will create our policy for data retention:

Backup policies

And select the vault we created before:

Create Backup Policy

Set the retention to 7 days and click on create.

When it is done, go back to Backup Center and click on backup:

Click on backup

Choose the type of the data source, Azure Blobs, and the vault that we created at the beginning:

Azure Blobs

Choose the retention that was set before:

Configure Backup

And choose the storage that you want to backup. Select it and click on Validate. If everything is ok, you will be able to continue. Otherwise, you will have an error like me:

Select it and click on Validate

The problem is that we need to give permission for our backup vault to our storage account. The permission needed is Storage Account Backup Contributor:

Storage Account Backup Contributor

When the permission has been applied, you can do the validation again. It should work correctly:


Here is the resume of the backup:

Review + configure

If we check the backed-up instances, we can see our storage. Don’t forget to select the right data source type:

Select the right data source type

If you go to your storage account, in Data protection, you can see what was configured:

Data protection

We will now delete files in our blob, and restore them:

Delete files in our blob

In Backup Center, click on Restore:

In the backup center, click on Restore

Select the storage to which you want to perform a restore to, and click on Restore again:

Select the storage where you want to do a restore

Choose the restore point from where you want to do the restore:

Choose the restore point

Select the container that you want to restore or another option depending on your need:

Restore parameters

Start the restore:

Review + restore

You can see the restore job in the Backup jobs section:

Backup jobs

After a few minutes, depending on the size of your blob, the job is finished:

The job finished

And finally, we can see that the restore job is finished, with the date of the restore:

The job finished

This feature is very helpful to help back up storage and to be sure that if someone has made a mistake, we can recover the file quickly.

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