Thorsten Windrath
Thorsten Windrath
Thorsten is a jack-of-all-trades with more than 20 years of experience, currently working at the Institute of Aircraft Cabin Systems at the Hamburg University of Technology. As a developer, he‘s focusing on demonstrators and other prototypes, often including n-tier applications, embedded systems, and cross-platform communication. Thorsten is also responsible for the institute's IT infrastructure, a full-featured network incl. modern storage and virtualization technology.

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Posted by Thorsten Windrath on March 22, 2017
Hyper-V Networking 101. Part 1: NICs and Switches

There are lots of posts regarding Hyper-V networking. But there doesn’t seem to be a single compiled and up to date guide covering fundamentals and some advanced topics alike. This article aims to fill that gap, without a wall of text but a few easy to understand diagrams, tables, and PowerShell snippets. We will take a look at Hyper-V’s basic networking concept, NIC teaming (Network Interface Card) and different approaches to let VMs (Virtual Machines) talk to specific VLANs or even VLAN trunks. The first article in the Hyper-V Networking 101 series will cover everything you need to know about virtual switches and NICs. The last post is planned as a real-world example: A way to implement a secure Wi-Fi (and/or wired) guest network on top of a virtual firewall.

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