StarWind Web-based Management

Published: September 2017
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Nowadays, when IT infrastructures become more and more sophisticated and new technologies appear every minute, the question of accessibility becomes of great importance. System administrators should be able to access and manage their IT environment 24/7 and from any location. Management capabilities which include only directly-attached devices put significant constraints on the overall system’s flexibility and make the job of IT administrators highly complicated.

In order to eliminate any restrictions on remote IT infrastructure management and make the work of system administrators more efficient, StarWind delivers the web-based management functionality. This feature allows controlling the StarWind infrastructure from any web browser on any device, be it a PC or a smartphone.

Currently, there are two ways for managing the StarWind-based infrastructure from a web browser: by deploying StarWind Gateway VM, or by using StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance. The former approach allows deploying a Linux-based virtual machine from a template and further using it as an HTTP > RDP “proxy”. Thus, users get the full control over storage-related operations by simply entering Gateway VM IP in a web browser.

Bu using the second option, users can deploy StarWind VSA as a Linux-based virtual machine from a template with an embedded HTTP > RDP “proxy” functionality. It can be used as a full-fledged StarWind node or as a means for managing the existing StarWind infrastructure.

Thus, StarWind web-based management functionality greatly simplifies the job of system administrators by allowing them to easily manage their StarWind infrastructure from any distant location using any web browser.

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