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VMware VVols is a new storage integration and management framework designed as an alternative storage architecture which makes management significantly easier and eliminates the legacy architecture drawbacks. In order to provide VMware users with finer control over their storage resources, StarWind has developed and integrated VMware Virtual Volumes support and vSphere API for Storage Awareness (VASA) in its solutions for virtualization environments.

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Problem of Traditional Storage Management Model

As the amount of data in modern IT infrastructures is growing every day, more and more efforts are needed to maintain and manage data storage. Additionally, the number of virtualized applications also increases, requiring the ability for granular storage performance and resiliency configuration for each virtual machine.

In the traditional datastore-centric VMware storage management model, administrators have to manually deploy numerous LUNs to provide virtualized applications storage with the necessary performance and resiliency levels. Furthermore, the excessive number of datastores makes their management highly complicated and significantly reduces the overall storage utilization efficiency.

Traditional storage provisioning model


StarWind VVols Solution

VMware Virtual Volumes support in StarWind Products provides VMware administrators with the ability to manage their storage infrastructure in a simple, automated, and efficient manner. StarWind VVols allows providing virtual machines with fine-tuned policies based on pre-defined storage configurations with required performance and resiliency.

With the implementation of StarWind VVols, vSphere storage management becomes as simple as possible: in just a few clicks, you can setup Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers, each configured for specific performance and resiliency requirements. With policy-based storage management, each application can be instantly placed on the best suitable storage.

Storage provisioning using VVOLs


Manage Your Storage Simply with VVols Support by StarWind

StarWind VVols makes storage management and provisioning highly efficient, transparent and automated by presenting each virtual machine and its disks as an atomic manageable infrastructure unit. With the integration of vSphere storage management technologies, StarWind Appliances provide VMware administrators with full capabilities of enterprise storage management.


StarWind gets praise for its solution's high level of customization in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for HCI

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