StarWind Virtual SAN Hyper-Converged 2 Nodes Scenario with VMware vSphere

Published: November 2016

This document provides a step-by- step configuration guidance for a 2-node vSphere cluster using StarWind Virtual SAN to convert local storage of the ESXi hosts into a fault tolerant shared storage resource for ESXi. It is intended for experienced VMware and Windows system administrators and IT professionals who would like to configure StarWind® Virtual SAN Hyper-Converged solution for vSphere deployments.

StarWind VSAN® is a native Windows hypervisor-centric hardware-less VM storage solution. It creates a fully fault tolerant and high performing storage pool built for the virtualization workloads by mirroring existing server’s storage and RAM between the participating storage cluster nodes. The mirrored storage resource is then connected to all cluster nodes and treated just as local storage by both hypervisors and clustered applications.

The guide shows how to store all the virtual machines on a shared storage that is provided by StarWind, VMware HA provides the VMs with redundancy while StarWind is responsible for the storage uptime. The combination of StarWind shared storage and VMware ensures high application and data availability across the entire virtualized environment. Using StarWind VSAN, the local storage of both ESXi hosts can be converted into a fault tolerant shared storage as we synchronously ''mirror'' the storage between the nodes. The VSAN nested inside a VM and running on both ESXi hosts ensures data safety and maintains continuous application availability.

The document contains a solution diagram as well as description of the configuration process includes following stages:

  • Preparing Hypervisor for StarWind Deployment
    • Creating Datacenter
    • Creating a Cluster
    • Adding Hosts to Cluster
    • Configuring Networks
  • Preparing StarWind VMs
    • Configuring StarWind VMs startup/shutdown
    • Configuring Automatic storage rescan
  • Provisioning Storage With StarWind
    • Creating devices (DS1, DS2)
  • Preparing Datastores
    • Adding Discover portals
    • Creating Datastores
    • Additional tweaks
  • Turning on vSphere HA Feature

StarWind Virtual SAN Hyper-Converged 2 Nodes Scenario with VMware vSphere

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