StarWind Virtual SAN® Hybrid Cloud [for Azure] White Paper

Published: November 2017
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These days, more and more businesses consider moving their workloads from private to public cloud. There are certain reasons for that. While a private cloud, or servers in your basement, ensures flexibility and security, a public cloud delivers better cost-efficiency and scalability. However, concerns about security, management, and availability hold organizations back from migrating their production to a public cloud.

To solve these problems, StarWind delivers its Hybrid Cloud solution providing benefits of both private and public clouds. It combines a well-known Hyper-V ecosystem on top of on-premises servers with Azure VMs. The Hybrid Cloud can be deployed in minutes and is orchestrated using such convenient tools as StarWind Manager, Hyper-V, and SCVMM. Thus, companies can balance their mission-critical applications between public and private clouds to get the required level of flexibility and security. Moreover, StarWind Hybrid Cloud can use Azure as a Disaster Recovery site in order to meet the desired RTPO.

Ultimately, StarWind Hybrid Cloud delivers low entry cost and scalability of a public cloud while maintaining security requirements of a private cloud.

To download the software products, please, make your choice below. An installer link and a license key will be sent to the e-mail address you’ve specified. If you consider StarWind Virtual SAN but are uncertain of the version, please check the following document Free vs. Paid. The recent build of Release Notes. A totally unrestricted NFR (Not For Resale) version of StarWind Virtual SAN is available for certain use cases. Learn more details here.

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