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The IT world is growing very fast. Applications require more computing power with every minute we live, and data storage becomes the most growing technological part around the globe. In addition, the share of IT businesses in the cloud is increasing significantly. All of this is making IT storage infrastructure management more and more complicated. In this regard, Storage Management Initiative (SMI) decided to create a specification to make the life of IT administrators easier. SNIA Swordfish provides an API functionality that simplifies the way storage can be allocated, monitored, and managed. This specification is designed to integrate with technologies used in data center environments and make advanced tasks much more simple.

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Problem of Complex Storage Management

In our world, different solutions have different management capabilities, which can make the daily routine of IT staff more complicated. To operate a datacenter, engineers should learn a variety of “languages” to be able to successfully maintain different pieces of hardware and software. In order to manage iSCSI storage via SCVMM, an SMI-S agent or the native Windows Management Infrastructure (WMI) will do the job. Of course, when it comes to Storage, we talk about SAN and, in a big Datacenter, you will often have different SANs from different vendors, which requires knowledge of different APIs and CLIs for management. These big environments do not have the ability for unified storage administration which makes management a hard task.

Diverse management approaches make admins' IT routines way too complicated

Swordfish API Solution from StarWind

StarWind adds support of Swordfish API to StarWind Virtual SAN in order to simplify the job of IT and storage administrators. It becomes easier to manage, monitor, allocate, and scale StarWind Virtual SAN-based infrastructures, as well as setups where StarWind VSAN is part of a bigger storage infrastructure. With StarWind Swordfish Provider you do not need to install or configure any additional software (PowerShell, WMI, SMI-S agent, Web GUI etc.) to manage StarWind Virtual SAN. The Swordfish API comes is included in VSAN installation, which makes VSAN's deployment and management really easy.

StarWind Swordfish - a VSAN-native API that dramatically simplifies storage management

Manage Your Storage Easily with Swordfish Plugin from StarWind

Swordfish Plugin creates a single “language” requiring no specialized APIs and CLIs knowledge to communicate with the environment, where StarWind Virtual SAN and solutions from other vendors are combined. It simplifies the work of IT and Storage administrators and allows them to easily integrate StarWind Virtual SAN into any environments.


StarWind gets praise for its solution's high level of customization in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for HCI

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