StarWind Swordfish Provider

Published: May 2017
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Management of IT storage infrastructures becomes more and more complicated as different vendors provide different storage solutions that have their own management capabilities. Big data centers often have to unite SANs from different vendors requiring knowledge of specialized APIs and CLIs.

To simplify storage management StarWind adds support of SNIA Swordfish specification to StarWind Virtual SAN. The specification delivers API functionality and integrates with technologies utilized in data center environments, allowing to simplify storage allocation, management, and monitoring through a unified approach.

The addition of SNIA Swordfish API into StarWind Virtual SAN allows simplifying the job of IT and storage administrators, making it easier to allocate, monitor, manage and scale infrastructures based on StarWind Virtual SAN.

StarWind Swordfish Provider requires no additional software installation or configuration to manage StarWind Virtual SAN. It is delivered as a part of StarWind VSAN installation making StarWind deployment quick and simple. It doesn’t require any specialized APIs or CLIs knowledge allowing to easily integrate StarWind Virtual SAN into any environments.

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