Xpert Consultancy takes off the burden of a costly physical tape platform thanks to StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

Published: April 1st, 2020

StarWind VTL assisted to remove the expensive physical tape hardware platform
and to make use of the existing storage infrastructure.

Yassin Hussain, Technical Director


Before introducing StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) into its IT infrastructure, Xpert Consultancy had the Firestreamer software from Cristalink. The existing VTL did not allow getting rid of the expensive physical tape hardware platform completely and was incompatible with the latest version of Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager. As a result, the safety and integrity of critical company data were in question, as well as the effectiveness of the entire backup process. Besides, Xpert Consultancy needed a solution that would provide professional 24/7 support for the virtual tape backup processes.


StarWind VTL was the only solution on the market that met all the requirements of Xpert Consultancy. It eliminated costly tape backup processes and granted opportunities for the company to reduce hardware costs significantly. Since StarWind VTL easily integrates into the existing infrastructure, compatibility issues with the Microsoft backup and recovery system no longer arise. StarWind VTL allowed to maximize the safety and security of company data. Among other things, thanks to the professional support of StarWind engineers, Xpert Consultancy can use its storage infrastructure more efficiently.

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Xpert Consultancy is a British managed IT service provider (MSP) based in London and focusing on IT service, support and maintenance, virtualization, migration and upgrades. The company offers one-stop-shop covering server technologies, systems integration, IT merger, transition and acquisitions, cloud design, network services, security, architecture, implementation and design, hardware/software sales and support.

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Yassin Hussain,
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