Welcoming vSphere environment: Learn about its traits and requirements, fine-tuning, and best practices

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Alex Khorolets, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Duration: 31:22


Key points of the webinar:

  • vSphere environment traits & requirements;
  • vSphere compute resource architecture and provisioning;
  • Storage. Choose & tune;
  • Networking tips & tricks;

Are you a network administrator, an IT engineer working with VMware’s products, or just a determined homelabbing tinkerer? You can never know too much, which makes it evident that both professionals and devoted enthusiasts, however well-educated on the topic they might be, will find it useful to look under the hood of VMware vSphere. Such aspects as proper compute resource architecture and provisioning, vCPU ratio, and RAM allocation are those things that you have to know to make sure your vSphere environment keeps up and running. Learn from this video all you need to learn about vSphere, from traits and requirements to networking tips and tricks

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