VIP Technology Solutions Group builds a hyperconverged fault-tolerant IT infrastructure with StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA)

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: July 31st, 2020

With StarWind, we now have a multi-node cluster with failover ability without having to manage a separate storage network/SAN.

Brent Day, Company Representative


Before implementing StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA), VIP Technology Solutions Group had an IT environment with individual non-clustered servers and Microsoft Hyper-V on top. A lack of a failover cluster affected the integrity and safety of the company’s data. The server shutdown resulted in the shutdown of all virtual machines. VIP Technology Solutions Group was looking for an affordable solution for building a hyperconverged fault-tolerant IT infrastructure with proactive support included. To solve their problem, the company considered the HPE product but refused to buy it due to the high cost.


StarWind HCA has made building a hyperconverged fault-tolerant IT infrastructure for VIP Technology Solutions Group not a matter of a dream but of reality. In case of one node failure, high availability is maintained, and the data remains safe and sound. With StarWind, the company succeeded in private cloud hosting. StarWind HCA has given VIP Technology Solutions Group the opportunity and confidence to host customer data that from now on are always highly available. Taken all in all, the StarWind’s solution turned out to be up to 35% cheaper compared to the HPE product that the company was considering before finding StarWind. At an acceptable price, VIP Technology Solutions Group received the desired fault tolerance as well as proactive monitoring and support. In eight months of operation, StarWind ProActive Premium Support has identified and resolved two cluster issues. That is why the company is not ready to rest and plans to grow its cluster with more StarWind nodes.


About the Company

VIP Technology Solutions Group is an SMB-focused full-service provider of technology solutions for Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. This company specializes in engineering, installation, and maintenance of data networks, phone systems, computer systems, and structured voice, data, and video cabling.

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Brent Day,
Company Representative

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