The Salvation Army Georgia Division built a fully virtualized IT infrastructure and secured its mission-critical data with StarWind

Published: June 25, 2019

StarWind’s performance opportunities allowed us to focus on exactly what we needed instead of having to over-engineer and guess at our future infrastructure needs.

Ben Poole, Divisional IT Manager


Before using StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA), SAGD had a Windows environment with physical partially virtualized servers and Microsoft Hyper-V on top. Partial virtualization includes a combination of privilege restrictions for user accounts and a virtual file system. When users exit the environment, they are faced with the need to decide which file records should be permanently stored on the host. Data security depends critically on this decision. So, such IT infrastructure was unreliable, difficult, and time-consuming to manage. SAGD required a distributed storage system to build efficient hyperconverged infrastructure and ensure high performance. In addition, there was a major cost barrier to aggregating the storage layer, providing redundancy and increasing performance all in the same budget line item.


SAGD has chosen StarWind HCA because it perfectly fitted the company’s budget. Being a 100% software-defined hyperconverged platform, StarWind HCA allowed SAGD to create a distributed storage system that can easily scale and provide efficient distribution of workloads. The organization installed the right-sized servers and optimized their performance and storage across both physical nodes resulting in great redundancy and performance. With StarWind HCA, SAGD built a highly available (HA) and fault-tolerant (FT) IT infrastructure. And last but not least: SAGD received a high level of support from the technical team, appreciating the benefits of the ProActive Support service.


About the Company

The Salvation Army Georgia Division (SAGD), located in Georgia, USA, is a non-profit religious organization. Representing evangelical Christianity, the organization is engaged in missionary activities throughout the world. Working daily with massive amounts of data, SAGD requires a well-organized virtualized IT environment.

Company Profile

FBO (Faith-based organization)

Contact Person

Ben Poole,
Divisional IT Manager


Important notice: During the development process, the feature name was changed from StarWind ProActive Support to StarWind ProActive Premium Support. Please, take into consideration that the old name remained in the video materials.

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