The Roscoe Company built a stretched cluster and ensured fault tolerance for its client’s IT infrastructure with StarWind

Published: April 17, 2019

By using StarWind software, the client was no longer a victim of failing physical infrastructure (power and cooling issues).

They were able to keep operating their business, even when issues arose that were outside the control of technology.

John Marta, Company’s Representative


The Roscoe Company serviced the IT infrastructure of one of its clients. Prior to deployment of StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN), the company used a series of stand-alone Microsoft Hyper-V hosts with 12 VMs. The main problem with the existing infrastructure was that the physical server host had no redundancy in the event of a power outage. In addition, the building in which the servers were located was subjected to constant power and cooling issues. For these reasons, the client’s company could not provide disaster recovery (DR) of its data and ensure fault tolerance (FT) of its IT infrastructure.
The company was looking for a shared storage provider to simplify the process of migrating, accessing, and backing up data between servers in the event of a power loss. But existing software platforms that would allow getting this functionality were too expensive.


The Roscoe Company has chosen StarWind VSAN as a shared storage solution for one of its client’s company to provide “disaster recovery” and “business continuity” storage features. Compared to other solutions, StarWind VSAN costs less and offers higher performance and more features. StarWind VSAN allowed a company to create a failover stretched cluster and ensure DR so that even in the event of a power outage, business continuity is maintained. The company got an opportunity to have virtual servers turned up in their second location within seconds. StarWind VSAN provides active-active synchronization between nodes at different geographical locations so high availability (HA) and uninterrupted operation of VMs in case of one node failure are maintained.
Presently, with the help of StarWind VSAN, The Roscoe Company already hosts clients’ VMs who no longer want to have the headache of buying costly storages and failing single stand-alone servers on site. The company intends to use this infrastructure for future clients as their technology needs change.

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The Roscoe Company is a U.S. corporate garment supplier and managed service provider (MSP) that helps companies to enhance their image. As a managed service provider, The Roscoe Company supports its clients with their businesses, processes, and infrastructure. The company manages the clients’ day-to-day IT needs, as well as their long-term requirements for maintaining constant environment availability and mitigating the risk of downtime.

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