The Newtron Group reduces the number of servers by four times and saves about $200,000 on hardware over the five-year period with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Published: October 15, 2019

The StarWind product has been wonderful and rock-solid stable. We are so impressed with this product that it will continue to be used in our environment for the foreseeable future.

Bob Kennedy, Company Representative


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, the Newtron Group had a cluster of 7 Gateway compute nodes with Hitachi SAN running Windows Server 2003 and with Hyper-V on top. Maintaining a large number of servers required considerable money. The company sought to reduce the number of servers without compromising IT infrastructure performance. In addition, the company wanted to get active-active high availability (HA) for an existing cluster using virtual shared storage. HPE StoreVirtual VSA was to be a possible solution to eliminate the IT infrastructure pains, but the price point for this product and required number of minimum 2 physical nodes for deploying in the cluster had fallen short of the company’s expectations.


The Newtron Group has chosen StarWind VSAN as a shared storage solution, ticking all the boxes. Using StarWind VSAN, the company preserved its compute and storage separated scenario, at this reducing the number of servers and gaining the ability to scale compute and storage resources independently. StarWind VSAN stands for a reasonable price and minimalism in use. For its installing, only one physical node is required. Furthermore, the company did not have to pay over the odds to get active-active high availability. StarWind VSAN delivers seamless availability through synchronously mirroring and distributing multiple copies of data in a cluster. In this case, any single point of failure is excluded. All these “goodies” provided by StarWind VSAN allowed the company to lower maintenance costs and increase the number of maintenance windows. In addition, the Newtron Group was impressed by the work of StarWind Support Team, each member of which knows the product inside and out, providing ongoing assistance in installation and maintenance.


About the Company

The Newtron Group, based in Louisiana, US, is an electrical and instrumentation contractor in the fields of power, pulp and paper production, oil refining and chemical industry.

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Industrial Electric & Instrumentation Contractor

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Bob Kennedy,
Company Representative

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