The Department of Finance (The Republic of the Philippines) achieved government level data protection and IT infrastructure optimization with StarWind

Published: December 26, 2018

StarWind is turn-key virtualization solution available in the marketplace today. It allows multiple virtualization environments to interact with storage and form a working setup, providing virtually unlimited deployment scenarios.

Florefe M. Patricio, Company’s Representative


Before StarWind Virtual SAN deployment, DOF had Windows environment with individual servers and with Hyper-V on top. Such IT infrastructure did not provide high availability (HA) and fault tolerance (FT). But what’s the biggest problem we have in this case in the government institution work? The possibility of data loss and their insecurity. But wait, there’s more! Client data loss leads to reputational losses. If a similar situation appears in a government organization, we get a viability loss in one part of the state’s economy.


DOF has chosen StarWind VSAN because it could be integrated into the existing hypervisor harmoniously. VSAN allows several virtualization environments to interact with the storage and create a working setup. In such a way, virtually unlimited deployment scenarios were provided. StarWind VSAN includes an effective protection mechanism for vital data, namely their replication to a remote site. It allows achieving ease of management, high availability, fault tolerance, and top performance of IT infrastructure.

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The Department of Finance (DOF), located in Manila, the Republic of the Philippines, is the government’s steward of fiscal policy. It formulates a revenue policy providing funding for government programs. Working daily with huge amounts of data, DOF requires a well-organized virtualized IT environment.

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Florefe M. Patricio, Company’s Representative