StarWind Web-based Management Overview

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Updated: July 19th, 2018

Value proposition

For virtualization administrators, who want to manage their StarWind infrastructure remotely, StarWind delivers web-based management functionality. StarWind Web-based Management provides control over all storage-related operations from any point of the world using any HTML5 capable web browser. It greatly simplifies the work of IT administrators since there is no more dependency on directly-attached devices and no need to install a dedicated software to access the environment. All that is needed is to deploy StarWind Gateway VM or StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA), and you can easily orchestrate your StarWind environment from any location.



Unlike other storage virtualization solutions that can be managed using only directly-attached devices or dedicated software, StarWind offers the functionality allowing to administrate the StarWind-based environment from any remote location using a web browser on any device. Furthermore, StarWind provides additional flexibility, offering two options to configure remote access:

  • Deploy StarWind Gateway VM as a Linux-based virtual machine from a template andfurther use it as an HTTP > RDP “proxy”
  • Deploy StarWind VSA as a Linux-based virtual machine from a template with an embedded HTTP > RDP “proxy” functionality. It can be used as a full-fledged StarWind node or as a means for managing the existing StarWind infrastructure.


Remote access

StarWind Web-based Management provides the ability to administrate the StarWind-based infrastructure from any remote location using any HTML 5 web console.


StarWind Web-based Management is extra simple to configure. Both StarWind Gateway VM and VSA are deployed in a straightforward way, requiring no special knowledge.


StarWind offers two ways to access the StarWind environment remotely: StarWind Gateway VM and StarWind VSA. Thus, users can choose the one that better corresponds to their requirements.